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Uniting Geeks

Uniting Geeks organize large and small events: expos, markets, tournaments, company evenings and single meetups.

We are run by Emma Rudstam, who together with a team of volunteer organizers drives each event to fruition. 

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Emmas story

Emma started playing games as a kid with her father who taught her chess. In school cardgames were fun but it wasn't until university that she found her passion for boardgames and the community around it. 

While working a trainee job in Umeå hundreds of miles away from her friends she found a club to play board games in every week. 

"I vividly remember walking in one time, a guy at a table with people who I normally play with shot up his arm and yelled Emma, over here! I had found my people and felt incredibly welcomed and warm."

Now Emma works to bring such warmth and joy to others. 

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Who are we?

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